Autel MaxiIM IM608

MaxisIM IM608 is the most popular and advanced Full System Auto Daignostic tool and combine IMMO & Key programming scanner. Autel MaxiIM IM608 has the same diagnostic software as Autel maxisys MS908, but it covers immo functions which MS908 cannot work. IM608 is equal to Maxisys 908+IMMO function. IM608 is good on inmmobilizer functions. IM608 also support special functions and key programming abilities. Itís perfect diagnostics tool for auto technicians and locksmiths

  1. 3 Series Headlights - Go Beyond The Ordinary

    Human being by and large love to talk. Some may have a lot to say and some may say all they want to in just a few words a day but whatever the amount of words and time spent talking, people do talk everyday. And since they talk so much they need topics to talk about. And there is no shortage of things to talk about either. And amongst these large number of topics a favorite is the car.

    So what can one talk about the car. Well the car being a dynamic product that changes over time ...
  2. 21 Classic Pontiacs!

    So, you think you know your cars now, do you? Well, consider this to be a test of your knowledge of Pontiac history. 21 Pontiacs are featured here: some are current models while others are truly classic in every sense of the word Autel Al319, dating back to the early 1960s.

    6000 ?Full sized [or almost] front wheel drive sedan of the 1980s.

    Aztec ?Ugly is as ugly does. This crossover vehicle ashamed the Pontiac fleet for two years during the early 00s.

  3. 2008 BMW M3 Overview

    Refinement is a word that best describes the 2008 BMW M3. Turn on the ignition and the engine is quiet, almost too quiet. Sure it delivers a lot more power than the previous version but it comes in a package that makes for a great daily driver.

    Push this car hard through a turn and you'll feel safe knowing where the wheels are going. The car is a beast but unlike your average sports car, it's a beast with manners. And should you get yourself in trouble, you can mash on the brakes ...